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Lush: Grease Lighting, Spot Treatment

Hey guys! It’s been a while! I have been so busy these days it is ridiculous! But I am back with more products lined up to share with you all! 

So I brought this product about a month ago. I’m not a spotty person but like many people I do get the odd spot here and there which I used to try get rid of with nail varnish remover, which can’t be too great for your skin. 

When I came across this Lush product I thought hey, why not give this a try! It is a light gel, that dries and leaves no trace. I was told by one of the Lush workers, that you can apply this product like a mask and leave it overnight, or you can just apply it to a spot, or a area that seems as if a spot will appear to get rid of it before it comes up!
It contains tea tree and witch hazel. I have used this product a few times and each time it has got rid of my spots overnight. I have a friend who has spot prone skin and had quite a few spots on her forehead. She didn’t get such a quick result but after using the gel as a mask alot of her spots went or began to dry up!

So overall it is another thumbs up for this LUSH product! 

Have a lovely week! 💋

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