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My New Makeup Products! 


I haven’t done a post on my recent makeup purchases in a while, to be honest I haven’t been wearing makeup as much as I usually do these days, but I am still team MAKEUP LOVER! 

So here are two products that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! 

I brought this Huda Beauty eyeshadow pallete last week, not because I needed it, I just really wanted it. This pallete is the rose gold edition, that has different textured eye shadows. 

These colours will be perfect for the summer time. I love the range of pinks, golds and browns. 

The second product is my No-Color Powder by RCMA. I first seen this product on a makeup tutorial, but I can’t remember who’s. Anyway this powder is a translucent setting powder. 

I usually go for yellow or topaz coloured setting powders, however I decided to have a change and try out something different. 

I apply this product to my t-zone area and under my eyes for a smooth, creaseless and matte finish to my makeup. 

Have a lovely day!

Kira 💋

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