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[Updated] Wunderbrow 2 Product Review 

So if you seen my Christmas Wish List post, you would know how much I wanted to purchase this product! I seen it advertising on Instagram and I really wanted to give it a try.

I brought this product for £19.95 from I purchased the black/brown after watching a few YouTube tutorials by women with similar complexions to mines to find the right colour. I usually buy dark brown eyebrow products. 

So what is so amazing about this product? It is waterproof, smudge proof and transfer proof. I did a little test and it is true to its word. The only problem I had was it was abit too light in colour and texture for me and my preference. I prefer my eyebrows to look denser than how this product made them look. 

So what I did was apply pencil to my eyebrows and apply this liquid ontop and it still did the job! It did not smudge and they were waterproof, which is perfect for me as I have a curious 1 year old son who currently finds amusement out of rubbing my eyebrows and touching my eyelashes lol! So yes, I would recommend this product. 

Take Care xx

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