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Charcoal Teeth Whitening 😬🖤⚫️

So have you heard about one of the new teeth whitening trends? So I’ve seen alot of people using charcoal based products for teeth whitening and decided to give it a try, to hopefully gain pearly white teeth. 

This is the product I have been using for 2 weeks:

My review on this product: 

My first thought was OMG this thing is so messy! It gets everywhere but it is nothing that can not be cleaned. 

My second thought was hmm there is a litte bit of a difference. 

And after 2 weeks I was like YASSSSS pearly whites! 

It actually works. I have seen a few reviews where people have said their teeth have gone sensitive after using activated charcoal, but I have not experienced this!

So its another thumbs up from me 👍🏾


I purchased a charcoal based product. It is activated charcoal which is NOT the same thing you see in your fireplace. Charcoal is “activated” by steam or chemical methods at an extremely high temperature, in order to remove volatile compounds and to separate the atoms. 

2 thoughts on “Charcoal Teeth Whitening 😬🖤⚫️

  1. The charcoal teeth whitening powder is a product I have been considering trying but my main concern was if it have an unbearable taste. My question to you is what does it taste like?


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