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F*ck Him, Don’t be Bitter, Get Better & Make Money: Self-Help Book Review


So today’s review is something abit different. I recently purchased a book called ‘F*ck Him, Don’t be Bitter, Get Better & Make Money: Self-Help Book Review’ and I can’t stop talking about it. It is one of the best books I have ever read, and it has really helped me!

This book is for all the ladies who have just gone through a bad break up, or those who have had bad relationships, for the single mother who thought it was hopeless after being played or a young girl who is determined not to fall onto the wrong path with boys. 

The book was written by Nancy M. Beauplanst. Her message to women is to “Don’t Be Bitter, Get Better & Make Money” Her F*ck Him book series is geared to helping women get their life back on track after heartbreak so they can eliminate the unnecessary pain & suffering from their lives. 

Here is a little bit more on what this book has to offer: 

We all have that one guy that we just can’t seem to let go. You know he is terrible for you and finally he broke your heart to the point of no return. People always say “you should leave him” but never tell you how to move on after you leave him. 

This book is a ultimate guide that will help to empower you to let him go once and for all and become a sexy independent woman after a breakup that turned your life upside down, kept you stuck in a rut and left you at rock bottom.

From learning how to win the breakup, loving yourself like never before, overcoming the adversities as a single mother, and setting a solid foundation for you and your future, This book is an electrifying way that will show you how to move forward, upgrade your life and attract true love.

 I purchased this book on Amazon, I highly recommend it! 

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