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My Review on No!No! Hair Removal


So I am probably abit late with this one… 

I’ve heard about No!No! Hair for a few years now and always wanted to give it a try.. I always assumed that it couldn’t be used on darker skin, however I was wrong. It can be used on all skin tones. I have seen a mixture of reviews on this product, so a few weeks ago I decided to give it a try. I have been using this product once a week for the past 3 weeks and it is a thumbs up from me 👍🏾

What is No!No! 

No!No! is a portable system that uses Thermicon technology, which is gentle heat to painlessly remove unwanted hair without pulling, tearing or plucking the hairs. No!No! heat technology that is safe and hygienic and can be used anywhere on your body, including your face. 

The results:

So when I first used No!No! I was happy to see some removal, but I expected there to be more. I thought one use would remove all hair, however it doesn’t, similar to most hair removal strategies, it takes a while to accomplish what you hope to achieve. 

I used No!No! 3 times a week for 3 weeks and managed to remove all hair within 2 weeks and I have not seen much growth since. I highly recommend this product and I plan on continuing my No!No! Hair removal journey! 


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