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Black Opal Foundation Review [Updated]

Soo I am back with another product review! I recently decided to give Black Opal’s foundations a try and I am very impressed. Black Opal makeup is made for women of colour, something I did not know until after I purchased these products. I usually go for other brands such as MAC and Smashbox, which do cater for all skin tones. But I was watching a YouTube tutorial by Youtuber Nellie Robert and she used a Black Opal Foundation. 

I remember a few years ago it wasn’t common to find foundations with such a range of tones! I love that makeup now caters for everyone and there is such a range in foundation colours in many brands. 

The aim of Black Opal is not just to provide a matching foundation for women of colour. Infact their aim is to…

develope a comprehensive and affordable collection of targeted skincare products that would combine state-of-the-art technological advances with proven ingredients to service the unique skincare needs of skin of color for men and women.

So, I brought two of their foundations; true colour pore perfecting liquid foundation and true colour stick foundation. 

They both have different types of coverages and textures. I will outline the pros and cons of both below:

True colour pore perfecting liquid foundation

This foundation is a light liquid foundation, it is oil free and it does have good coverage and blends well with your skin. It does not have a matte finish like my usual foundations, but powders do help to achieve a matte look. This foundation is also long lasting!

True colour stick foundation

This foundation is a stick foundation. It has the best coverage that I have seen in foundations! So it would be great for those who need to cover certain areas on the face such as dark eyes and blemishes. It is a dryer foundation to the True colour pore perfecting liquid foundation, and it has a more of a matte finish. I apply powder to ensure it stays matte through out the day. It is also a long lasting foundation and I wore it through out the day without needing to top up. 
Thats it for today! Bye lovelies💋

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