Beauty and Makeup

Sooo LUSH! 

Hey soo I am back again with my new addiction.. LUSH products!!

So I recently made a trip to a LUSH store and the first thing I said to one of the store workers was.. ‘Hey… I need every and anything with seaweed!’

Yes I was that excited, forgetting I was on a budget! Seaweed is another one of my current addictions, if you didn’t already know. So I narrowed it down to the BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask and I am in love. 


It is a face mask(obviously) which contains seaweed, ground almonds, rose and aloe vera, rosemary oil and kaolin. 

This mask is a thick paste with bits in it to help exfoliate dirt and oil and to get rid of dead skin. 

I have brought 2 already! I highly recommend! 

Another product I purchased was one of LUSH’s lip scrubs. If you want plump and smooth lips.. go for this! 

I loved the feeling after using this lip scrub, it is the first I have used, and I will continue to use it. 

Your lips are left smooth and soft and it is like a lip plumper. Surprisingly your lips are not sore after. I was expecting that to happen but it didn’t. 
So here are two highly recommended LUSH products! I am sure I will be back with more soon! 


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