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2 DIY Ways to use Sea Weed [Skin Care & The Body]

Hey guys!

So for the past few weeks I have been using seaweed for weight loss and as apart of my skin care regime. I read about the benefits of sea weed and had to give it a try! I am always trying things and this is something I will be doing for a while. 

Here some info on some of the benefits of sea weed:

Seaweed has more than 50 powerful minerals and, because of that, people have enjoyed long soaks in seaweed baths for centuries. The heavy-duty detoxification properties in mineral-rich seaweed nourish and rejuvenate the skin, fight cellulite and minimize the visible appearance of wrinkles. As well as fighting signs of ageing, seaweed extracts can minimize pigmentation and blotchiness in the skin, especially paler skin types.

Number 1 -For Skin Care 

For my face I made my own seaweed paste. Dead skin prevents your body from absorbing moisture. Sea weed helps to losen dead skin which then leads your skin being moistured. The seaweed itself is full of proteins, vitamins, minerals and lipids that easily soak into the skin to add moisture.

How to make the mixture:

I placed 4 seaweed sheets in hot water, once the seaweed goes soft, I poured off most of the water and applied warm and runny honey to the mixture (this helps it stick). I then mixed the mixture into a paste and then applied the warm mixture to my face for around a hour. I then washed it off and end up with a nice refreshing and soft face!

Number 2 – Sea Weed Wrap for Celulite and to aid my weight loss 

A seaweed wrap helps to eliminate toxins from your body. During the sweating process of sea weed wraps, your body is eliminating impurities. These are then brought to the surface of the skin and rinsed away when the wrap is washed off.

If you’ve recently lost weight and have excess skin, a seaweed wrap can help with body contouring. It aids in shaping the excess skin so it’s smoother and less noticeable by direct diffusion of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, if cellulite is a problem, a seaweed wrap may help reduce the undesirable marks it leaves on the skin.

Once again I used seaweed sheets (4). Firstly I added coffee to a flat dish and poured hot water (Coffee is also beneficial for the face and weight loss when applied to the skin). Leave to cool. Then apply the seaweed to the coffee and leave for around 1 minute. 

Remove the seaweed from the coffee and place on the desired areas. Then wrap cling film around the seaweed. This helps to keep them in place and to create heat. 

It works so great on cellulite and for weight loss! 

Hope this is useful! 

Kira 💋

Do patch testing beforehand! 

Some of the information and the pictures are what I found on an online search! 

These are methods I have tried and they work for me after continual use. 

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