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What I have learnt from experience is that alot of cheaper beauty products work as well as the more expensive products. I am one of them bargain shoppers! I love bargains and reasonable price products, I also love to try new products and see how great they work… or not!

When I try face products I usually see how they work after a couple of days, forgetting that the skin creates natural oils and environmental factors can affect the skin. I now know that to know how effective facial products are, it is necessary to use over a period of time to see how effective it is. 

I recently brought 3 different face masks for £1 each, and gave them a try! These type of masks have been around for a while! I have purchased them before but I never looked out for how my skin felt and how good it worked! So I tried out all 3, at different times, over a 3 week period! Here is my review on all three! 

Blemish Mud  ✅

This face mask aims to tackle blemishes. It is a deep cleanser and soother. I applied and left it on for 20 minutes even though the package says 15. After I washed it off and dried my face, it felt smooth and clean. My skin was not oily. This lasted for a couple of days. I would not see the result of blemish removal straight away so it will need prolonged use, if it actually does do the job, so I plan on buying it again and using this product on a weekly basis! 

Dead Sea Mud Pac  ✅

This product is a hard drying mask. Your skin goes tight and it goes crumbly after a while. After washing off this product my skin felt smooth and clean, just like the other mud. Once again my skin was not oily. I didn’t feel much of a difference between both muds, but I would also use this product frequently as I love the feel on my skin after using it. 

Deep Pore Cleansing Peel Off  ❌

So when I seen this product for the first time, I thought ooo deep pore cleansing! Why not? Well when I got home I seen it was for men. But I thought why not, I am sure it won’t make me grow a beard over night. It has dead sea salt and peels off dead skin. It has a strong mint smell, it is like putting tooth paste across your face and has that cool minty feeling on your skin. The mint smell is very over powering but the after effects are good! My skin felt very cool and refreshed and my skin was left smooth. Although the effects were good, I would not buy this product again as the strong mint smell really put me off. 


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