Keeping up with the trends! Current fashion trends online

I am one of those people who love to shop online. I love to shop in general, but I tend to find the best things and bargains online. 

During my recent online shopping hunt I came across some clothing that are apart of the current fashion trends some that I just had to purchased and would like to share!

Distressed Look 

Femme Luxe – Distressed knitted jumper (£22.99)

Ebay – Knitted cut out shoulder, distressed jumper (£18.45)

Ankle Boots & Transparent Shoes

Missguided – Faux suede peep toe boots (£35.00)

Missguided – Faux suede ankle boots with transparent heel (£40.00)

Missguided – Transparent strap heeled shoes (£25.00)


Boohoo – tie up choker (£4.00)

Missguided- choker duster jacket (£15.00)

Missguided- lace choker (£8.00)

Lace up

Femme Luxe – Faux leather tied lace trousers (£34.99)

Femme Luxe – Lace up jeans (£34.99)

Pretty little thing – Lace up on the side Trousers (£25.00)

Hope you enjoyed! 


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