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Product Review: GOSH Overnight Primer Oil Essence


So todays product review is a product I found during one of my frequent Superdrug visits. This is the first GOSH product I have purchased. It isn’t cheap but not too expensive (£14.49). 

This product is a overnight primer oil. Who knew you could prime your face from the night before! 

It provides skin care over night. It is a light oil product that does not leave your face oily, infact it feels silky. 

It has a pipette so you can easily apply the oil without too much mess and without adding too much. 

So what is it supposed to do? As I said before the aim of this product is to provide skin care over night, aiming to make the skin smooth, moistured and soft. It also provides you with a smooth base for your foundation. It contains Vitamin E and Lavemder seed oil which is also beneficial for the skin. 

My review on this product: I love the fact that it isnt too oily, when I first applied it I was worried that it would be, but once rubbed in my skin felt soft and silky, with a tiny bit of oil. 

After waking up the product settles and most likely rubbed off through the night, but my face did feel soft just like when you apply normal primers. 

Overall I have had a good experience with this product, and I would most likely buy it again! 

I also recently seen that it was on offer in Superdrug, so if you are interested in buying now would be a good time! 

Hope this is useful! 


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