Beauty and Makeup

New Year, New Lipstick! 

It’s so nice to go into the new year with all the new products recieved for Christmas! My sister knew I wanted to try out different lipstick and lipgloss colours and brought the best gift ever, a set with loads of different lipglosses. There are a range of colours for me to try out. 

I love how the glosses are designed aswell, they’re so cute. It isn’t a expensive brand of makeup, but I have found that it is not always about big name brands, sometimes cheaper brands work just as well! 

This set has metalic, bright and simple colours.These glosses smell great and you do not need loads layers for the colours to show. 

Here is a swatch of some of the colours with just one layer! 

This is also a great way for me to try out colours that I am not used to. 

Have a great day! 

Kira x

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