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First Product Review of 2017

Hey, so this is my first product review of 2017. I recently purchased one of Models Own’s makeup fixing sprays. It was £7.99 and I love it! It isnt a heavy spray, it is more of light mist rather than those that are heavy and very wet. 

Fixing sprays are used to keep your makeup on for the whole day, and this is exactly what this product does. This is the first product I have purchased from Model’s Own, I am hoping to test out a few more of their products. I would definitely buy this product again. 

The second product is Kylie lip kit in True Brown. I recieved this as a Christmas present. The last Kylie matte lipstick I brought was too bright so I didnt like it, but this one is perfect for me. 


This is the lipstick on and a swatch of the lipstick

It is a chocolate brown colour. What I found with Kylie’s matte lipsticks is that it is not heavy like some matte lipsticks and it does also last a while. The lipliner is also perfect for lining your lips with a matching colour before adding the lipstick. 
Thats it for today! Have a lovely day xx

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