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Testing Out MAC Products (3 Primers, Mascara and Strobe Cream)

Hey Lovelies, 

So if you read one of my previous post, you would have seen that I suggested that before buying some products you are unsure about try get the testers before buying the actual product. I have found that I have spent quite abit on some products only to find it doesn’t work well on my skin or is not the right colour. 

MAC are quite good when it comes to testers, they have testers for alot of their products. I brought a few MAC products a couple of weeks ago and recieved 5 samples, I decided to give them a try and do a review on them and whether I would wear them again. 

All these products were free. I used these products for the duration of 2 weeks. I tried each primer on different days and they were all used more than once. At the moment my skin is dry so my review is based on how effective these products work on dry skin. 

Prep + Prime Face Protect Lotion – the original price of this product is £24. It is a serum type of primer. The mixture is supposed protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays.What I like about this product is that it is not oily but it still provides moisture for your skin. After using this product my skin felt soft and silky. It can also be used alongside you moisturisers without makeup. I did like this primer but it was not my favourite out of them all. 

Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash mascara, the original price of this product is £19. After trying this product I decided to buy it. I love how dramatic, long and full my lashes look after wearing this mascara. It does cost quite a bit but it does last a while and it is worth the money. I also love the fact that it is not heavy which prevents it from clumping and does not flake when dried. There is nothing worse than when mascara little pieces fall into your eyes. 

I recently made a Christmas wish list post and this product was on my wish list. I really wanted to give it a go and was excited to see there was a sample of the Strobe Cream after trying this sample I was sold. This product cost £24.50. As I already said, my skin is currently dry so this product has helped to hydrate and boost my skin. This product is not oily or shinylike some products for dry skin, and you do not need a lot to do the job.  

Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage is a silky primer. It is light and not oily. It is suppose to even out your skin tone. What I like about this product is that once it dries your face has a smooth and even base for your makeup. This was my favourite primer out of all three and it cost £21.50. 

Prep + Prime Natural Radiance this is quite expensive for a primer however it has many benefits. It cost £29.50. It comes in and out different colours; Radiant yellow and Radiant pink. Radiant yellow works more effective on deep skin tones and radiant pink is for fairer skin tones. This is a silky primer, that helps give your skin a smooth and silky texture and helps to control oil on your face. The colours helps your skin look more radiant. Another positive is that it also hydrates your skins which is also a positive for me as I have dry skin. 

Well I hope this was useful! 

Kira xx

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