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So if you read my Christmas Wish List this product may be familiar to you! B. Makeup Brush Cleanser is a productthat  cleans and conditions your brushes. It is £5 in Superdrug. It is quite a good product. You spray it on your brushes and then use tissue to remove the makeup from the brushes. So I used kitchen towel for the first few brushes but found it wasnt strong enough, so I used a clean flannel. It does take a while to remove the makeup from the brushes, but it does leave the brushes soft and clean. Another problem I had was that it took the whole bottle to clean all my brushes. Personally, I don’t think I would buy this product again as it was more work than my usual cleaning routine and it would cost alot to constantly purchase it just to clean my makeup brushes. But I must say, it did do the job!

Revolution ‘My Sign Lipgloss’ was another product I came across in Superdrug. They had colours for all star signs. I went against the whole objective and went for the Aquarius lipgloss even though I am a Sagittarius because I liked the colour. 

              Here is a swatch of the gloss 

I will go back for my actual star sign colour because I love this lipgloss! It has great coverage, it isn’t too sticky and it is also long lasting. From what I remember it also did not cost alot. I definitely recommend this gloss! 

The final product is a argon oil based lip booster from SOS. I have also wanted to try out a lip plumper, I do not have small lips but I have always wanted to have them abit plumper. So I gave this product a go, it is a serum type gloss, it gives good moisture and your lips do tingle, but only a little. It didn’t make much of a difference but there was a slight difference. After buying and using the product I realised it wasn’t really needed, so I don’t think I will purchase this product again!

Hope this is useful! Take care 

Kira x

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