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Lipstick Review: Essence Lipstick and MUA Lipstick


I swear I am constantly buying lipsticks. I can’t help myself. So here I am again with another product review of my recent purchases. 

Essence Lipstick in the colour Glamour Queen

This is a simple brown lipstick with a hint of glitter to it. Here is a swatch of this product:

I tend to go for brown tone colours because I love them. I like this one as it has a hint of glitter in it. This lipstick does last a while, however it would need to be reapplied through the rest of the day and as I usually say, this is to be expected of lipsticks. This product is also very cheap in price (£2.49) but very good in quality. I would buy this product again. 

MUA PowerPout Acrylic Lipgloss in colour Unwrapped

So here is a different colour to my usual glosses. This lipgloss is one of those that look completely different in the container than it does on. This is a light pink colour. It is quite a dense lipgloss, so it does not need too much layers. 

In the past I was put off of light colours such as this colour as I felt that they would not match my complexion, until I found the wonders of lipliners. For this colour I applied brown lipliner over all my lips and applied one layer of this. It darkens the colour of the gloss and helps to blend it with your skin. I do like how it looks on, so I don’t see why I would not buy it again. 

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