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[UPDATED] Bright and Bold Lipstick Review

So I went on this post and realised that half of the post was not there! God knows how that happened! Here is the updated version!


Today I tried on some of my lipsticks I have never worn before, some of which I will never wear again as they clashed with my complexion. 

I purchased these colours as I wanted to try out brighter colours. 
Here are the products on and my review on them!

1. Kat Von B matte lipstick in A Go-Go. This product is a bright orange. It is quite streaky and required several layers. I personally would not wear this product again as it totally clashed with my skin. 
2. L.A Girl matte lipstick in Black Currant. This is a dark purple lipstick. It is quite a dark colour, something I wouldn’t use for everyday use but I do like it. It is something I would definitely wear. 

3. OFR long lasting liquid lipstick. It is a bright red colour called Famous. It is one of them lipsticks that are kind of hard to remove and leave a stain on your lips, so I use cotton and baby oil to remove it. Overall it is a good lipstick and something I would also use again. 

4. Anyone need a Kylie Jenner Lipkit in the colour Poise K? This is something I wouldn’t wear again. It is a really bright pink, it is really not my colour. I’ve seen it on others and loved it, but for me it’s a no for this colour. But I do love some of her other colours. 

5. W7 Mega Matte Lips in the colour Chippie. This is a light orange type colour. When I first put it on I was thinking no! But once dried I loved it. So thumbs up for this final product! 

Hope you enjoyed! Take Care! 

Kira xx

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