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Contouring and Highlighting

What is contouring and highlighting?

So contouring and highlighting is a makeup technic used to sculpt and create shape on your face. It has also been used on other body areas such as the chest. Contouring is a darker shade to your skin tone, while highlighting is a lighter shade. 

You can purchase contouring and higlighting products in powder, creams and liquids. 

Her are some of my favs!

Cream contouring kit

Sleek Highlight and Contouring kit 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit

Technic Highlighting Powder

Whether you use powders, creams and liquid is your choice and what works best for your skin type. 

Where and how you contour and highlight is also a important factor and this all depends on your face shape. I didn’t know this at first. I have a round face so I tend to highlight similar to the image below. 

Brown areas are contouring and nude areas are the highlighting areas. 

Well I hope this was useful! 

Kira xx

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