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Tips on how to ‘bake’ and how to find the best setting powder for you!

Haha! This meme really made me laugh, definitely a conversation that would happen with me! I also like baking cakes too.. But that is off subject! 

So today I am sharing some tips about ‘baking’! 

So what is baking? It is basically a makeup term for applying your setting powder. 

So the other day I was ‘baking’ and my friend who has never done it, before asked me to help her out and do it for her. I went to apply one of my setting powders and she asked, “isn’t it too light for me?” And that sparked a idea in my head to do a post on baking!

What does baking/setting powders do?

It helps to set your foundation and concealers under your eyes to prevent lines and creases. It also gives your face a fawless finish, if you use tinted setting powders you will also have a nice tone. It also helps to give your shiny areas a nice matte finish.  

So here are some tips on setting powders

  • I tend to go for a yellow tone, so I purchase yellow coloured setting powders from companys such as Ben Nye and Sacha
  • Yellow powders CAN be used on darker skin tones
  • If you want a soft matte finish without colour go for a translucent powder
  • If you are worried that a setting powder will not match your skin tone, try buy one that is for all skin tones 
  • You can also get testers from makeup stores or on Ebay so you can try out the product and see whether it is a good fit before purchasing it

Where to apply setting powder: 

This is a image I found on google, this is where I apply my setting powders.  However I apply more under my eyes in a triangular shape, from cheekbone to the end of my nose. 

How to apply Setting powder:

  • Apply your foundation and concealer and then apply your setting powder
  • Use a fluffy powder brush or a wedge shape makeup sponge and apply the powder to the needed areas
  • Let the powder set for around 5-10 minutes (this is the baking process)
  • Brush off the powder 
  • I personally use a damp blender to blend in the additional excess powder. Sometimes you can have too much powder under your eyes and it doesn’t look great!

Oh yeh just to add my friend I spoke about is now a baker! Ha!

Bye for now lovelies x
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