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My Recent Purchases & Product Review: Kiko Makeup 

Hey Beauties,

I am back again with another Recent Purchase and Product Review post. So recently I took a trip to Westfields in Stratford (London).So the first shop I went into was KIKO. It has been a while since I have been to this store and I could not wait to see what they had inside. 

I was excited to see that they had one side full of sale products. Overall I spent around £16.50 on all 5 products that I purchased, this really excited me as I love a bargain as much as I love makeup. I’ve already used all the products so here is some info on them and a review on each product. 

Graphic Gaze Double Eye Marker (Sale Price £4.20)

Ok so this is officially my absolute favourite eyeliner! So this eyeliner has too sides. Both ends are circular, however one side is thicker than the other. 

Thick sideSmaller side

                  Example of difference in size 

This eyeline is perfect for achieving dark and defined eyes! I would highly recommend it. 

Smart Lipstick Rouge (916) (Sale Price £1.90)

This is a shimmer type lipstick. It is a simple colour. It isn’t long lasting, it gradually rubs of but most lipsticks do. I do like the quality and colour of this product. Another recommended product. 

Skin Evolution Concealer (Sale Price £2.70)

I loved using this concealer! This is a thick concealer that gives very good coverage. It isn’t watery which helps with the coverage. Obviously it comes in other different shades. Once again I would highly recommend this product. 

Pencil Liplgoss (11) (Sale Price £2.70)

So this was my favourite out of them all! So I expected this product to produce a dry matte look, but it was the complete opposite. It comes out in a thick paste and looks just like a lipgloss. 

Here is a swatch of the product. I love it so much that I plan to go back there for a few more colours and maybe one more of this colour. And again I highly recommend this product!

Eyebrow Sculpt (Sale Price £4.80)

So I wasn’t too excited about this product as it was abit too light. However I still used it and put an additional eyebrow product ontop (will post this product within the next few days). 

Here is all the KIKO products on with additional makeup products! (I applied both lipsticks for this look)

Hope you enjoyed this KIKO product review! Tomorrow I will be posting another product review on facial products and other makeup products I recently purchased! 

Kira xx

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