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Christmas outfit ideas 

Yes another post about christmas! Don’t you just love it though?! So you probably have your work’s christmas party coming up or family get together, or you are just looking for a outfit for christmas day and you’re probably thinking what am I going to wear?! Or you might not even care about a outfit for christmas and just want a few outfits for your wardrobe! Heres a few ideas for you!

 Simple but stylish…

I love everything about this outfit! The chocker, the long baggy jumper and the knee high boots. It is a simple look but it is also stylish! For those who want a change from the usual christmas jumper this is a nice idea! The jumper cost £20 from

Another similar style but with a tee dress. This can be purchased from femmeluxe for £18.99. I had to purchase one of these I love this look! I also purchased black knee high boots similar to these from Ebay!

This fleece jumpsuit from Asos (£24.50)is perfect for a family time in. Its comfy and warm for a cosy family celebration. 

Glammed up christmas…

I just love this red jumpsuit! I think it is really elegant! It can be purchased from Newlook for £14.99. 

Sparkling like a christmas tree! Oh gosh that sounds so cheesy loool! Anyway this Asos sequine playsuit is so cute! And I love the sparkles. Its £55!

Thats it from me for now! Have a great day! 

Kira xx

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