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Wax, Thread or Pluck

Seems like eyebrows has been my topic this week lol! I was having a debate with my friend today on what is the best form of hair removal for eyebrows. I’ve tried it all! And it all hurts lol but I have found that threading is the best form of eyebrow hair removal for me. 

Some people have eyebrows that do not need to be touched. While some like me have to get their eyebrows done every 2 weeks. I thought I should share some of the pros and cons of each removal! This is from my personal view and not a professional view! 

Threading – My favourite form of hair removalFrom what I know, eyebrow threading is a Indian form of hair removal. They use thread to remove the hairs from around your eyebrows and other areas. It can be painful but it is bareable. The benefits I have found from eyebrow threading is that when done correct you can achieve a nice shape eyebrow. It also does a clean removal of hair without stubble, which you can find if you shave your eyebrows. 

Waxing Just like threading, eyebrow waxing can be painful but it is quicker than threading. It also gives a clean finish, but I feel as if it gives a straight shape when finished incomparison to how the eyebrow is shaped when threaded. Overall I feel it is just as good as threading but it all about preference. 

Finally PluckingI have not had the greatest experience with eyebrow plucking. Any one else decided, I can do this! Its easy, and plucked plucked and plucked and then you realise your eyebrows do not match and then you gotta pluck more and more and all of a sudden you have half the eyebrows you had before lol. Or is it just me? The pain of plucking each individual hair does bug me and I can’t get the tiny hairs that waxing and threading would rip away. The only benefit I have found is when you have the occassional hair here and there you can just pluck it out and carry on. 

Well thats it from me! Hope this will be useful! 

Kira xx

All images in this post were found on a online search and are not mines!

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