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Makeup: Product Review – highlighting, a product for oily skin and revlon lipsticks 

Hey! I am back with another product review. 

I have 2 Technic products and 2 Revlon lipsticks. Here is my review on them. 

Technic ‘Get Gorgeous’ higlighting powder – 

I decided to try something abit different from my usual gold higlighting and went for a silver colour. The colour does stand out and does not require much to show up on your skin. Overall I think this is a good buy. I do prefer my gold highlighting more though lol. 

Technic ‘Soft focus’ Transparent loose powder would be a perfect product for those with oily skin. This powder is transparent when rubbed into your makeup or on your skin so do not let the colour put you off. My skin never stays the same, sometimes it can be oily and sometimes it can be dry or occasionally it will be normal. During my oily times I applied this powder on my areas that tend to be oily, before applying my makeup. I then added it ontop of my makeup. It helped with preventing my face from looking oily. It also helps to give your makeup a matte finish. So this again was another good buy.  

I decided to buy some lipsticks thay were not matte for a change. I brought two Revlon lipsticks. I then realised when I got home that the nude lipstick was actually a matte but it doesn’t have the usual matte dry finish. The nude colour is called ‘nude attitude’, it is lighter than the Revolution nude I brought recently (it is in my post that was posted a few days ago) just like that nude, I wear this one with a brown lipliner. 

The other Revlon lipstick is called ‘Va Va Violet’ it is a dark purple colour. I quite like this colour it is something different for my collection. It is quite dark, something I would wear with dark eye makeup. I plan on doing a look with this within the next few days! Look out for it guys! 

Well thats it from me! Have a lovely day! 

Kira xx

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