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Perfect Eyebrow products

I think eyebrows are important to every girl. Everyone wants the perfect brows. Whether you like them big, thick, bold, long, natural looking, circular or square, here are a few products I have used and would highly recommend. 

They call Anastasia Beverly Hills the queen of eyebrows for a reason! Her eyebrow products are literally the best. Here are two of her products that I am currently using and love! The first product is the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade (approx. £14). I use the colour Dark Brown and Chocolate. 

This product comes in many different colours. It comes in a thick paste. It helps to fill and shape your eyebrows. 

I also use her Brow Definer with the pomade (approx. £18) the shape of the pencil helps to create a natural shape and you can add size to your brows. The brush at the end of the pencil helps to shape and blend your brows. These products are best for natural looking eyebrows. 
Sometimes I choose to use a simple pencil. The only problem I have with pencils is that I feel that eyebrow pencils give the eyebrows a dencer look. I use my pencil as I feel it is quicker. I use brown pencils because I don’t like my eyebrows to look too dark. The first eyebrow pencil I ever purchased is MUA eyebrow pencil in brunette. 

It is only £1. When the MUA pencil is out of stock the eyebrow pencil I use is Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in dark brown which is £2.99 in superdrugs.  Like most eyebrow products these pencils can smudge if you rub or wipe your eyebrows by accident, but that is expected. You cant go wrong with these products, the price and quality is great!

Finally is another pomade by Freedom Pro Brow Pomade (£5 from Superdrug). I brought this when my Anastasia product ran out and I had to wait for it to arrive. If you want to find a cheaper version to Anastasia pomade then this is what you should go for! It literally does the exact same! I purchased this product in dark brown. 

And that is it! I hope this is useful! 

The pictures I used were found during a online search as most of mines are old and almost finished lol. 

Kira xx

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