Beauty and Makeup

My Recent Shop Brought Products.. 

I made a couple of purchases today. The first few products were brought from a Superdrug store. Here is a run down for these products!

Collection Primed and Ready Primer is not the first Collection primer I have purchased. It is definitely my favourite brand for primers. This is a matte primer which minimises your pores. It also has witch hazel which helps prevents blemishes. Another bonus is that you can use it with or without your foundation. All of this for £2.99! 

This product is the Zoella Kissy Missy lip balm. It is currently winter so it is important we keep our lips moistured in this cold! I decided to try something different and moisture with a pretty pink. It is quite bright so I only add a little to my lips. It is not too sticky and does not rub off easily but it also is not one of them stubborn products that practically  stains your lips. This was only £1! 

Another lip product I brought was the Revolution lipstick in nude. I love this nude lipstick and you can’t go wrong wih the price as it was only £1! I wear it with brown lipliner, as I usually do with light shade lipsticks to prevent it from clashing with my complexion. 

Superdrug Dehydrated Facial Konjac Sponge is a sponge that exfoliates and cleanses then skin. After one use of this my face felt really soft! It is also reusable. I brought this for £1. 

The final product is my Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Eyeliner in the colour black. Its small tip is perfect for drawing on winged eyeliner. This is bad.. But I really can’t remember where I purchased this product! But I think I paid £10 for it! If I remember I will update this information. 

Well thats it! 


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