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Warm Makeup Look

Hiya! Yesterday I decided to try out a warm makeup look. 

I achieved this look by using golden and brown colours. Here is an explanation of what I did and what I used. 

  1. I used my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in dark brown on my eyebrows
  2. I applied my usual MAC foundation, powder and concealer
  3. I contoured my nose and cheeks using Sleek’s contouring kit
  4. I then “baked” under my eyes, my nose bridge and ontop of my contour lines with Sacha Buttercup setting powder (I apply setting powder onto my contour lines to stop the lines being too dark and obvious 
  5. I brushed off the powder and then blended the necessary areas with my toothbrush makeup brushes
  6. For my eyes I used my Revolution eyeshadow palette. I used golds and browns
  7. For highlighting I used MAC Global glow and Sue Moxley Baked bronze bronzer. I highlighted under my eyebrows and my nose bridge with the Mac Global glow and my cheek bones and nose bridge again with the Sue Moxley Baked bronze
  8. Finally I used a NYX Brown lipliner and NYX Lingerie Matte Lipstick in Honeymoon. I then applied MAC’s Dazzle Liplgloss in Gold

Earrings are from Topshop and clothing is from RiverIsland 


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