Beauty and Makeup

Eye Makeup 

Eyeliners and Mascara                           

Without my eye makeup my makeup just doesnt feel right. I need my liquid eyeliners, mascara, pencil eyeliner and eyelashes. I stick to the usual black mascaras and eyeliners. My current favourites are..

MAC Superslick Liquid eyeliner – The brush of the eyeliners are very important as it helps when adding the wing style to your eyes. It also helps to draw a accurate line (£16 MAC stores). 

Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara – I tend to wear eyelash extensions but this mascara works wonders on my bottom lashes and I occasionally apply it to my false lashes (£11.99 in Superdrug). 

Rimmel Scandal Eyes eyeliner – This eyeliner is perfect for defining your eyes. It doesnt smudge easily and is water proof (£3.99 in Superdrug). 


I do not wear eyeshadows on a daily basis but I do on occassions or when I go out. I feel that you need to find the right shades and colours that suits you. I personally use golden, brown, nude or other suttle colours due to preference. 

Here are some examples.. 

My current favourite eyeshadow palette is:

This is what I used in the pictures above. This palette is perfect for nude colours, golds and browns. It is very reasonable in price (£8 from Superdrug). 

Eye contacts 

Finally eye contacts are something I’ve be exploring recently. I do not wear them daily. I strongly advise that anyone who wants to try eye contacts reads the instructions which will instruct how to safely apply. The ones I am wearing in this picture above are a light brown, however when put ontop of brown eyes they look a green colour. 


Eyelashes are also an important factor in eye makeup. They help your eyes stand out. A good mascara or false lashes will do the job. I have 2 previous posts on false lashes. Have a look for more information on false lashes.


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