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Concealers! Mac pro long wear concealer vs LA girl pro concealer 

I do love my concealers but which one is best? I think I have tried them all! I narrowed it down to my 2 favourites the MAC concealer and the LA girl pro concealer! 

MAC concealers can range from £16-£18 and it comes in different shades for all complexions. They also have different types such a mositure cover or water proof. The MAC concealer I use is the pro longwear that cost £18. I use this conclear to cover the dark area under my eyes and any blemish marks I have. 

I have also been using the LA girl pro concealer for over a year and I have found that it works just as well as the MAC concealer and is way cheaper. I use it just as I do with the MAC concealer. I have also found that I use it more. This concealer comes in all colours and cost around £2.99! It is also thicker than the MAC concealer which helps it cover up better than other concealers!

 I have found that the cheaper product is the best product and I would highly recommend that those who have not tried the LA girl concealer to do so! 
I hope this is useful x

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