Beauty and Makeup

My recent purchases

Hey guys! Im back with another post on my recent purchases! I ordered myself some more toothbrush makeup brushes and a colourpop metallic matte lipgloss in the colour ‘man eater’. 

These toothbrush makeup brushes are so good! They are also flexible. Here is a run down of what these brushes can be used for! 

(Left to right)

  1. Eye shading, concealer brush, lip brush
  2. Eyebrows and eyelining
  3. Eyebrows and eyelining with a longer brush
  4. Blush brush and foundation brush
  5. Powder brush, blush and foundation brush

This set cost me £9 

Now time for a rundown on the Colourpop metallic matte lipgloss. 

This is the product dry!

This is how the product looks on. It has a hint of glitter and shiny look to it even when dry. It is a light paste. Its not heavy like some matte lipglosses! I forgot it was even on at some point! I only applied it once through my day out and 1 layer was enough! I highly recommend! I can’t wait to try other colours! 
Hope you enjoyed x

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