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Perfect Eyelashes 

Hey beautiful people! I am back again with a eyelash blog. I thought I should share the eyelashes (strips) I am currently loving and show some examples of eyelash styles to match occassions!

Everyday/ Natural Look Eyelashes

So Lash (£11.49) stripped eyelashes! This style is called Diamond and are made by mink fur. They give a more natural look so they are appropriate for everyday wear. They can be reused and are long lasting. 

Fuller look eyelashes 

Nouveau Lashes (£4.95) These eyelashes give a bold and full look to your eyes. They are vegan friendly and are not heavy on your eyes. These will be perfect for those who like full and thick eyelashes. 

Cheap and lovely eyelashes

Primark – Sultry (£1) excuse the quality of the packaging it has been in my makeup bag lol. These primark eyelashes are very good. They have many types of styles and can also be reused. They are not as strong as the other brands but they  do last long and look just as good. 

Clubbing eyelashes 

Ebay (£1.89 for all 5 pairs) these full and stylish lashes are perfect for nights out or even date nights. The full look and style stand out and make your eyes look bold. 

Hope you enjoyed! x

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