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November’s Makeup Haul

 I purchase quite alot of makeup monthly. Here is a haul on my recently purchased products for everyday use…

  1. MAC pencil eyeliner – 
  2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow pencil – dark brown 
  3. ABH Dipbrow Pomade – dark brown
  4. ABH matte lipstick – black cherry
  5. Barry M Gelly red nail varnish
  6. Primark Sultry strip eyelashes 
  7. Famous – Bake bronze 

The black MAC pencil eyeliner is something I have used for a while. I cant remember the cost, however it is very good. It stands out and is a very dark black. 

ABH’s eyebrow products – The eyebrow products are what I use to draw on my eyebrows. It is not a heavy and dark paste. I went from using eyebrow pencil to using this and I do quite like it. These products are also available in other colours (Example of me wearing this product will be up soon)!

ABH’s Black cherry matte lipstick. Currently my favourite lipstick. Wet


The colour is perfect for the christmas season. It is long lasting and does not rub off easily. It also does not dry in a crispy way as it has some moisture to it. 

BarryM Nail Varnish I previously posted about ‘rose gold holographic nails’, this is the gel nail varnish I use to achieve the rose gold colour. I also use this colour on its own. Another product with a festive colour. 

They are abit messy as I quickly applied to show the colour of the varnish

Primark’s Sultry eyelashes I previously did a review on this product.. Have a look at the review on these eyelashes and other styles and brands at…

Finally my favourite bronzer! It is so beautiful. I brought this product on Ebay for £3.99. The colour is Baked bronze by Sue Moxley. I highly recommend this product for all skin shades!

Hope you enjoyed xx

7 thoughts on “November’s Makeup Haul

  1. I honestly like your blog a lot everything that you do with your make up has inspired me to do so with mine. I also like how you don’t only recommend one type of makeup to type to certain type of people, you have really good advice to give out to women. For example I really liked the bronze you was talking about considering that I don’t wear that you made me want to try to.

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