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Requested – Rose Gold Holographic Nails

Hey beauties! It has been requested that I do another post on nails. I chose to do another post on holographic nails as before I did not explain how to get different types of colours. The colour you paint your nails in will determine the colour overall. 

For example if you use a black nail varnish, after applying the holographic powder your nail colour will be a mirror silver. 

I recently done a friends nails in a rose gold ( I am not a professional! I just love doing hair, nails and make up!) 

To achieve the rose gold colour I painted the nails red and then applied to powder which gave a rose gold colour! You can also use pink for rose gold!

You can also purchase different types of holographic powders in order to achieve specific looks! 

Why not explore these different colours with me? 

Thank you to everyone who likes, comments and contacts me regarding my post! 

Any questions, request and inquires feel free to contact me x

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