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Eyelashes – Strips, individuals or semi permanent?

Hey beautiful people! Today I removed my individual eyelashes and I was extremely disappointed! 1 because I felt naked without my eyelash extensions and 2 because I lost so many eyelashes removing them! For those who do not know what individual eyelashes look like here is a image …

I was told to remove them by applying vaseline to my eyes over night but I found that it did not work! I have literally tried all the forms of eyelash extensions! They always look great on but once they are off its not soo great! 

I have also tried semi-permanent eyelashes. This is what this form of eyelash extensions looks like…

 Semi-permanent eyelashes do look more natural than the other forms of eyelash extensions, however it does also have its downfalls, it takes about a hour for them to be applied! You also have to keep topping up the strands every month or so! The cost of it was also a put off. It cost me £50 to apply and £35 for a top up. After this experience I decided to go tomy original  form of eyelash extensions, the good old eyelash strips!  

They are easily applied and easily taken off! It also does not cost much and if you buy good quality eyelash strips they can be reused! 

I do love my eyelash extensions! Any tips, questions, advice or comments? Contact me in the comments section or on the contact page! xx

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