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DIY Holographic Nails 

Hey ladies! Today I will be telling you how to get the current nail trend, holographic nails. Why got to a nail shop when you can have fun doing it yourself and it can also save you money in the future! So heres what I did.. 

I purchased the holographic powder, fake nails, base coat, UV top coat and LED nail dryer.. If you’ve read my pervious blog you will probably know where.. Yes my favourite online store Ebay (cost of products will be stated below). I also previously did a blog on DIY fake nails, you can use those or your natural nails. If you want to achieve this look on fake nails and you do not know how to apply them, please go to my previous blog for the steps. 

All of above can be purchased on Ebay! 

LED nail dryer – £20.95, UV top coat – £2.99, Nail polish of my choice (was brought in New Look), base coat polish – £2.99, eyeshadow applicatior – 99p for a pack of 10, holographic powder – £2.99, false nails – 4.99 for a pack of 600 nails

Here is the steps on how to get your holographic nails.

  1. Apply the false nails or if you are using ur natual nails wash your hands and apply a base coat polish to your nails. 
  2. Then apply the nail colour of your choice. 
  3. Once your nails have tried apply the UV top coat to your nails and then put your hands under the dryer for 30 seconds (some dryers come with a timer setting on them)
  4. Now it is time to apply the powder.. Dip the eyeshadow applicator into the holographic powder and rub the powder into the nail
  5. You can then apply a top coat polish to your nails, dry them under the dryer for 60 seconds and then your done! 

Hope this was useful, any questions you can use the contact page to contact me or comment below! Hope you enjoyed x

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