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Review time!

I recently posted about my recent purchases, here is my review on them. Read my previous blog post for more information on these products! 
Collection – Primed & Ready primer –    This primer literally does what it says it does. It gives a soft, silky, non oily layer to place your make up on. I went the whole day wearing make up and found that under my eyes did not crease! 

Rating – 5/5

Liglosses from left to right. 

Lime Crime Matte Lipgloss – colour – Cashmere – I was also very happy with this product. It lasted the whole day. As you can see it sets in a smooth dry layer. I also love the colour. It is also suitable for light and dark skin tones, as you can see in this swatch it does not clash with darker skin tones such as mine. Here is a image of the lipstick on me with a brown lipliner..

Rating – 5/5

MAC Lipglass lipgloss – colour – Oyster Girl – This lipgloss is quite clear. I would have preferred if the colour showed more, however with a lipliner it looks perfect for a daily basis shine on the lips. 

Rating – 3/5

MAC dazzleglass lipgloss – colour – Gold I was definitely more happier with this gloss. It does give off a nice gold shimmer with a hint of glitter in the mix. I wore this with a brown lipliner which helped the gloss stand out more. I plan to do a look wearing this lipgloss! Look out for it!
Sleek Barekissed Illuminator – colour – Pompeii – 


On the left is the illuminator rubbed in and on the right is the product not rubbed in. The gold colour definitely stands out and I found that it was good to use as a bronzer or highlighter. I also added it to my foundation and found it gave my foundation a glow. I will also be doing a post on this products with pictures of it on with a full face of make up!

I hope this was helpful! Please like and follow if you enjoyed or would like to see more post and reviews on make up and fashion! 


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