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Make Your Own Cocktails at Home – Sex on the Beach 🔞


OVER 18!!

So today I decided to make some cocktails for me and 2 of my girls and it did taste really good! 

I decided to make the famous sex on the beach cocktails. 

Before hand I brought a cocktail set from poundland, for obviously £1. There were mixing sticks and umbrellas in the set. 

I then brought out my cocktails glasses. 


  1. Cranberry Juice – 100 ml
  2. Orange Juice – 1 carton 
  3. Peach Schnapps from tescos – 70 ml
  4. 1 lemon – I chopped half and squeezed the other half into the mixture
  5. A cheap vodka from Aldi – 70 ml
  6. Crushed Ice 

Mix ingredients into lage jug, pour and enjoy!

Look out for more cocktail reciepes! Ill be testing and trying alot more!


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