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Affordable Matte Lipglosses for all Skin Tones

Matte lips are a current beauty trend. There are many matte lipglosses, here are some that are affordable, long lasting and 3 that I would highly recommend. I have been testing different brands and I have put my personal review on them below.  They are also available in other colours! I hope this is useful!

L.A Girl – Colour – Dreamy : A nude look lipstick, with a smooth soft finish. I found that this lipstick was long lasting. Try not to apply too much as it can clump up. This nude is also suitable for darker skin tones. I would recommend to use with a brown lipliner. 

Cost: £5.00, Rating: 4/5 

Sleek Matte me – Vino Tinto: I purchssed a dark burgundy colour to add to my winter collection. This is also a long lasting lipstick. It does not set too dry. It is affordable and can be purchased at your highsteet store superdrug. 

Cost: £4.99, Rating: 4/5

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Colour – Cashmere and Vamp: I purchased this matte lipgloss on Ebay. It is a dark brown colour and also apart of my winter collection. I highly recommend this lipgloss. It is not too dry and has some form of moisture but still looks matte! 

Cost: £5.39 (on ebay! May cost more elsewhere! Also ensure that the seller is selling the genuine product) Rating: 5/5

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