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Self Love

In a society with high expectations of how we should look and how we should be as a woman, it is often that we try to modify ourselves in ways so we can look good, or have the perfect body so we can be appealing, infact sexy! From my teenage years I found myself dieting, missing the odd meal here and there or having countless boring salads, because I wanted to be skinny. I wanted to be the same size as many of my peers. I wanted that kim kardashian shape and curves. After recently having my son I found losing weight extremely difficult. 

One day I thought to myself, what is the rush? Why am I so adamant that I need to lose weight. I came to realise that I lacked self love. I didnt love myself for myself. I gave myself a break from the urgency to lose weight. I decided that when I chose to start losing weight it will be something I enjoy! I decided to love myself! Love me for who I am, the benefits and the flaws. I decided to make losing weight fun, but before this I thought about what makes me beautiful? Beauty is usually the outside appearance. But what about your beauty on the inside. Think about all the positive aspects you have within you as a person. I believe that when you are a beautiful person internally, it shines on the outside. And when you admire the type of person you are you gain a form of love for yourself. So what if I don’t have the flat stomach and flaws here and there, that is something that I can work on. I believe if I lost all the weight I wanted to lose before I still wouldn’t have been content because I lacked self love. There is more to self love than doing your nails, hair and going on a big shopping spree. Even though that can make you feel good. You often find that those who lack self love are the deepest lovers and givers.

 So how can you find self love? Here are some tips that I use personally as I am currently learning to love myself!

 1 – Exercise, eating healthy and getting enough sleep and rest has scientifically proven to improve your moods and helps with depression and it also makes you feel good! 

2 – Start putting your wants and needs before others. Its ok to put yourself first. It doesn’t mean you have to ignore other peoples wants, but do not neglect your own for the sake of others. 

3 – Be the true you. Do not hide who you are because you are afraid of other opinions. Express yourself. Accept yourself for who you are! Including your flaws. 

4 – Do and find things you have a interest in. 

5 – Create life plans and make steps towards them

6 – Move on from the past and move on towards the future. Leave negative people and those who have hurt you behind. 

7 – Dress up and go out! Enjoy yourself! Enjoy life, you only have one!



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